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Dani More Founder
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Dani Mor is an Israeli native, who has over 35 years experience in the field of educational tourism and Israel experiences. He has an extensive background working with the IDF as a solider and as a citizen. After his career in the military he entered the world of Jewish organizations. He worked his way up the ladder and was the CEO of The Israel Experience: Educational Tourism Ltd for 7 years. After his departure from Israel Experience he founded Israel Way Educational Tourism LMTD in 2000. He also founded Mor Travel in 2010. Dani is very well connected to the Jewish world, Israel engagement and the travel business; combined he makes for a great leader. Dani lives in Jerusalem and has 3 children and wife.
Einav Nof-Agam Katz Director of English-speakers Programs
Ofir Teva Director of Recruitment (English Speakers)
Gregg Hoffman Director of Marketing & Communication (english speakers)
Sasha Roytman Logistics department Director
Faina Kunda Accounting Manager
Maya Berkovitch Registration Coordinator
Gilboa More Director of Housing and accommodation
Evgeny Praisman Director of Russian-speakers Programs
Yana Vashkevich Director of Marketing (Russian Speakers)