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Israel Way announces our proud partnership with  parent-image 


Established in Jerusalem in 1973, Melitz is a leading provider of informal educational services in Israel. Melitz programs strive to promote the importance of a democratic Jewish State and to ensure Jewish unity by strengthen historical connections to the land of Israel, the Jewish people, and the future of Israel, while creating a sense of joint destiny between Israeli and Diaspora Jews. In a diverse Jewish world, Melitz programs stress the legitimacy of divergent views thus advocating tolerance and mutual respect amongst Jews.


Mission: To serve as a platform for transformative inquiry and learning about the challenges of contemporary Jewish identity, based on understanding and recognition of the complexity of Jewish existence in the era of globalization.


Vision: To reach out widely by developing and providing educational resources for Jewish identity management, with the intention of making Jewish identity relevant and meaningful and celebrating pluralism and diversity, for the purpose of strengthening connections among various elements of the Jewish people.


Melitz is exclusively Israel Ways provider for educational resources and programing. This is a partnership founded on a shared sense of principals, direction, values, expertise and a mutual understanding of the importance of Israel engagement, education on Jewish peoplehood and Jewish identity. Melitz provides Israel Way with decades of experience in informal Jewish and Zionist education, a strong team of Jewish educators and an education model that is forward thinking, pluralistic and innovative. This is a marriage made in heaven and we are honored to have Melitz on our side.


Partnership With Masa Israel Way - Masa


Israel Way works in partnership with Masa Israel (Israel Journey) to bring to fruition our shared vision that all young (Jewish) adults will have the opportunity to spend long-term experiences in Israel.


Israel Way’s long-term programs are recognized by Masa Israel Journey. Masa provides financial support and other resources to participants on these programs.